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Picture keeping the total lines of code for your application the same, but shrinking the application-specific code by growing the library code.

Some functions in Go’s standard library deliver much higher performance than user-defined functions, or those in a package you download from Github.

You can generate a name for your Element Buffer Object, bind it to your VAO, and initialize its data store. Or you can just pass a pointer to your element index slice in your DrawElements() call.

What you need to start developing an OpenGL application in Go (golang) on Windows

The behavior of specific code in a particular environment may be explored using the scientific method through observation of its execution in that environment.

Duration of Daylight

I created a page where you can see how long the days will be, all year, anywhere in the U.S.: Duration of Daylight


I wrote a Perl module to analyze past transactions in a personal stock account, it's free to use and the code is on GitHub: Finance::StockAccount

About Me

My name is John Refior, I'm a software engineer and lawyer (I used to do volunteer legal work). I mostly write backend web services, but I have experience as a full stack developer and basic Linux sysadmin skills.

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